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Welcome to the website of the Habonim Dror Youth Movement.
Habonim Dror is a Worldwide Zionist Youth Movement that deals with Jewish Zionist Education and with Aliyah (immigration) encouragement to Israel.

We work throughout the world through our Israeli "Shlichim" (emissaries) to convey our Jewish Zionist ideas and ideology to Jewish youth in Jewish communities abroad.

Our immigrants, alumni of Habonim Dror, live around the country, from North to South; along Zionist History, they have been among the Founders of the State and Kibbutzim.

As Habonim Dror is a "pioneering" Youth Movement that strives to educate its members to personal fulfillment, it encourages and supports its members to the idea of Aliyah.
The website contains information for New Immigrants ("Olim Chadashim") to Israel, and also for people who are considering immigrating to the State of Israel.

A broad and detailed range of information about Aliyah can be found in this website, (in four (4) languages; Hebrew, English, French and Spanish): from the first steps in Israel as an Oleh Chadash (New Immigrant): Immigrants' rights and various entitlements,
to Social Security issues, car insurance, health insurance and service in the IDF.
The information was taken from various official sites of Israeli authorities who deal with Immigration to Israel.

The decision to immigrate to Israel is a very significant one, and needs a lot of preparation, thought and deliberation.
It is therefore that we hope that our site can assist in this process and answer most of the questions that come up during the process, so that a well thought out and suitable decision can be made.
We will be happy to answer any and all questions and assist in any way in order to help in the process of making Aliyah.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at: habonimdror@tkz.co.il. If after visiting the site there are still questions and unclear matters, we will be happy to assist!

It is very important to us to keep in contact with our alumni, please let us know before your actual Aliyah, so that we can offer our assistance and support.

Aleh VeHegshem!!